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Get a Jump on Festival Napa Valley at the Springboard Series

Festival Napa Valley is July 20-29, but you can get a head start with the Springboard Series, April 4-8.

Las Lomas Wins Division 1 Championship

In a nail-biting victory, Walnut Creek's high school basketball team takes home the title. By Jessica Freels

Coffee Culture

Walnut Creek’s Winning Nouveau Caffeine Scene

Genteel Silverado Resort Remains a Napa Favorite

Despite the recent proliferation of luxury resorts, inns, and B&B’s throughout the Napa Valley, Silverado is and will always be the epitome of genteel Napa hospitality.

What's in Season: Cabbage

Did you know cabbage is one of the healthiest foods? It aids digestion, contains vitamins, and boosts energy. Varieties can be turned into salads or fermented into sauerkraut or kimchee.

Geek Meets Chic

Hometown Boy Debuts Hip ‘80s-themed Arcade Bar at Former WPLJ’s

In This Issue: Winter 2018

Read the digital version of our Winter issue online!

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