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Let it shine
Music festivals, concerts, ball games, road trips, sun tans, and barbecues, seize the day and get started. Wherever the best season of the year takes you, our summer guide helps make it moresparkle.
Residential Roar
Residential Roar

Developers are investing big in Walnut Creek. Currently, there are over 1500 new residential units being constructed in the city. more

Dog Dish

Pet Places

Lodging with your pet can be rustic at a campground or swanky at a four-star hotel. If you can’t bear leaving your pet behind this summer, here are some destinations that welcome four-legged morefriends.  


Honey Bee
Honey Bee

Why are they disappearing? One of the nation’s busiest workers is gradually vanishing due to pesticides, mites and other factors.  more

On Stage
On Stage

photo: ©2013 Joan Marcus

Bay Area summer theater sizzles in all kinds of venues. more

What's in Season:

 Plump, juicy, sweet, vibrant blueberries are one of nature’s great treasures. Though miniature in size, they are packed with health benefits. more

Healthy Herbs

LavenderReap the rewards of summer with an edible garden filled with herbs for recipes and refreshing drinks. more

Let's Do Brunch
Let's Do Brunch

This prized midday meal calls for celebration. As we honor mothers, marriages and graduates, and look for ways to charm dads, this is the season for good food and drink. Here is our guide to some delicious destinations for brunch. DIG IN!more

Drought Ready
Drought ReadyThe state’s most precious resource will be even more precious in the days ahead when the impact of weather patterns, climate change, and population growth converge on moreour water supply.

The Centennial

A Look Back

At the beginning of the 20th century, Walnut Creek was already poised as a Bay Area destination. The arrival of Southern Pacific Railroad meant passengers could travel from San Francisco to Walnut Creek at “lightning bolt” speed –2 hours and 45 minutes. more

Meter Madness

Meter MadnessGoodbye tire chalk and loose change. Parking meters are a whole lot smarter now. Thanks to new parking technology installed downtown that takes credit cards and limits parking at meters for up two hours.more

Downtown Development

Downtown Development

Is Walnut Creek ready for the construction coming in 2014? Here are five big projects unfolding downtown..



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