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Lafayette’s Bradley School of Music is Jammin’

Dec 18, 2017 01:17PM ● By Fran Miller

As he mulled over the purchase of Lafayette’s 1042 Brown Avenue in order to further share his love of music, Patrick Bradley and his then long-distance girlfriend Sarah Moses saw their lives flash before their eyes. “I could feel the weight of the purchase on me," recalls Patrick. "My entire life savings was going into this."

Already an established musician with a degree from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, Patrick had spent years as a studio musician and session player in Malibu. He also recorded music with Nona Gaye (daughter of Marvin Gaye), and performed on the Warp Tour ‘02 with SycBois as well as the Power 106 P3 show with Snoop Dogg, Westside Connection, Xzibit, and Dave Shack. But despite his growing music career, he decided to become a music instructor in order to pass on to others his love of music. He opened a studio in Concord in 2006, and in a short period of time, grew the enrollment to more than 90 students. It was the move to Lafayette in 2013, however, that completed Patrick and Sarah's vision to create a music community and a performance center for their music students. “I really believed this place could be a cool spot,” says Patrick. “A place where people could synergize. It’s a home away from home for people to share their love of music.” 

BSM is, simply put, a community of people who love music. The school promotes the principles of community involvement, education through the arts, inclusiveness, team building, and personal development. BSM provides a friendly and positive learning environment with an emphasis on building student confidence. Teachers specialize in guitar, vocals, piano, drums, and bass.   

Patrick and Sarah Bradley and family

Enrollment at BSM has increased to more than 150 students since the studio opened four years ago, and in that time, Patrick and Sarah’s own family has expanded as well. They got married, and now have two young sons - Jackson, 3, and Noah, 18 months. They have managed to juggle parenthood and their studio via a division of labor that happened organically; Sarah manages all studio operations and administrative matters, while Patrick manages the curriculum and studio instruction. They are proud of their accomplishments and each credits the other for forging ahead. “Sarah keeps the ship afloat,” says Patrick, while Sarah points to him as “the visionary.”  “He keeps us going and is always looking ahead towards the future,” she says.

Open mic night at Bradley School of Music

BSM now employs six music instructors, all professional and accomplished musicians who share the Bradley's commitment to instilling student confidence and spreading a love of music. BSM holds monthly Jam Sessions, giving students the opportunity to perform and hone their craft alongside their instructors and in front of a supportive crowd. Additionally, the school welcomes members of the public to attend Open Mic Nights.

Bradley School of Music: 1042 Brown Ave. Lafayette


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