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Robin and Michelle Baggett Launch the Alpha Omega Collective

Mar 12, 2018 05:45PM ● By Fran Miller

Robin and Michelle Baggett, Photo: Suzanne Becker Bronk


What do wineries in Napa, San Luis Obispo, and Spain’s Priorat region have in common – aside from shared ownership? Answer: more than meets the eye. When Robin and Michelle Baggett added Spain’s Perinet to their current portfolio of San Luis Obispo’s Tolosa and Rutherford’s Alpha Omega, they created a cohesive and complementary triangle of sister properties that produce world class wines. But beyond the superior end product extracted by each property’s winemaker (below l to r: Toni Sanchez-Ortiz of Perinet, Frederic Delivert of Tolosa, and Jean Hoefliger of Alpha Omega) the three wineries share a harmonic philosophy inspired by a solid sense of place from whence they originate. Alpha Omega’s Bordeaux-inspired releases, Tolosa’s renowned Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays, and Perinet’s Mediterranean reds are all products of their rock-laden soil terroirs, each rich in acidity. Each winemaker believes in showcasing the purest personality of the grapes from his region; and the most important common trait of all - each of the wines is delicious.

Billed the ‘Alpha Omega Collective,’ this newly formed umbrella brand marks an exciting milestone for the Baggetts and provides a U.S. launching pad for Perinet. “After my wife Michelle and I purchased a sizeable interest in Perinet last summer, we knew it was time to bring all our wine labels under a single brand name,” said Baggett. “As we expand our vision as vintners, we are looking to follow the model of impeccable hospitality and singular wines established by our flagship brand, Alpha Omega. From there, it was natural to call our master brand the Alpha Omega Collective.”

The jewel of the prestigious Priorat, one of Spain’s two DOQ regions, Perinet is located 90 minutes southwest of Barcelona in Catalonia. The ancient estate vineyard is juxtaposed by an architecturally modern winery completed in 2003 that specializes in ultra-premium Grenache and Carignan, as well as international varietals grown on picturesque, terraced slopes. Perinet is the essence of the Priorat, handcrafting deep, concentrated wines with structure and balance. Alpha Omega Winemaker Jean Hoefliger serves as the consulting winemaker at Perinet, where Toni Sánchez-Ortiz serves as winemaker, and at Tolosa where Frederic Delivert serves as winemaker.
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