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Celebrating its one-year anniversary at Shadelands Business Park in Walnut Creek, BASS Urgent Carea branch of Bass Medical Group, started as a dream between two surgeons and blossomed into a multi-specialty medical group with more than 200 offices and 300 healthcare providers across the Bay Area. Safe, expert patient care—via telemedicine and in-person office visits—are at the heart of the company. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused unprecedented public health and economic crises. As California experiences a rise in case numbers, tests for the presence of COVID-19 infection, and potential immunity, are critical for measuring the spread of the disease. Governments, businesses, and individuals can rely on the data from tests at BASS Urgent Care to make decisions around the path forward. 


A simple serology (blood) test is used to identify whether you have been exposed to the virus by looking at antibodies, or specific proteins, produced by the body in response to infection. Even if you have never developed symptoms or illness, antibody testing at BASS can help determine if you were infected in the past. 


Schedule an appointment at the BASS Urgent Care Clinic or a Telehealth Video Visit 
BASS offers COVID-19 antibody testing with a high (98%) sensitivity. Contact BASS Urgent Care for in-person or video visit. A clinician will perform a brief evaluation of potential exposure, discuss the serology testing process, and make an instant appointment for a blood test. Patients with health insurance should expect the consultation and test to be covered by their insurance provider. Patients with Kaiser or JMH HMO are eligible for a reduced cash price.

Get Tested
The COVID-19 antibody test checks for immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies in your blood. The presence of IgG indicates an infection that happened weeks to months in the past and suggests you may no longer be infectious. IgG also indicates that you may have some immunity to the virus.

Get Results

After your blood specimen is collected, it is processed at BASS lab. Test results are generally delivered to your Urgent Care provider the same day. If results are received after Urgent Care is closed, results will be available following business day.

To schedule an appointment, call BASS at (925) 291-9263 or go to For government or employer groups of 10 or more, email to discuss concierge-level testing services. (Please note we are closed July 3.)

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