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In The Mood

A 1940s Big Band Music Revue

IN THE MOOD celebrates America’s Greatest Generation through the music of Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Harry James, Erskine Hawkins, The Andrews Sisters, Frank Sinatra and other idols of the 1940s. IN THE MOOD takes a look at America’s Swing Era, the last time when everyone listened and danced to the same style of music. It recreates defining moments from the 1930s/1940s – from the happy-go-lucky era before WWII – to the start of the war when thousands of our youth were going abroad to defend our freedoms – and longing for the end of the war when loved ones would be reunited. The famous LIFE MAGAZINE picture “The Kiss” by Alfred Eisenstaedt epitomized such a moment. The music arrangements of these American songs evoke powerful emotions even in people who were born decades after WWII. Swing Music inspired America with a vision for the future filled with hope, promise and prosperity. This music moved the Nation’s SPIRIT and helped to sustain the nation’s morale during World War II, arguably the pivotal event of the 20th Century. "I had the opportunity to attend the “In the Mood” show and had the time of my life! The Big Band sound brought back memories of me and my Dad listening to Glen Miller and the Dorsey brothers music back when he was alive. There was dancing and songs by the Andrew Sisters. The Dancers and the singers where top shelf! I also appreciated that they recognized the military in the audience. At the end of the show, all of the audience stood up and cheered! The guy behind me clapped his hands so hard, his Rolex fell apart! And when the lights went on, I looked around and saw friends I hadn’t seen in years! Some were in the military and some were just good old friends! It was truly a great evening to reminisce and remember when times were so great to be alive. There were many happy tears! My only regret is that I can’t wait till next year to take my friends to see the show!" ~Gerardo "Jerry" Salazar, Account Executive-San Antonio Express News Walnut Creek: March 24th, 2:00 PM & 8:00 PM

Date & Time

March 24, 2017