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House of Representative's Chaplain to Speak April 10 at Catholics@Work

Rev. Patrick Conroy, a Jesuit, serves as the official Chaplain to the House of Representatives. His is a unique role in the Nation's Capitol.

In the rough-and-tough political realm of Congress and our nation's law-making, one man in an official capacity is an ever-present reminder of God's presence!

Rev. Conroy, a  Jesuit, serves as the official chaplain Chaplain to the House of Representatives. His is a unique role in the Nation's elegant Capitol (with his counterpart for the Senate).

Father Conroy will be the April 10 Catholics at Work speaker. As our speaker he will share the rare and unique insights he has gained from being among the 435 members of the House of Representatives for 7 years, close-up and personal, yet definitely not being involved in the legislative process.

Father Conroy opens each daily session of the House with a public prayer. He is present on the floor of the House whenever it is in session, with a level of access to the nation's lawmakers that others can only dream about. Yet Father Conroy is present to not to engage in the legislative process, but to offer assistance and guidance for members as they seek it.

Casual conversations with members are the norm. He points out that newly elected members typically are shocked when they arrive in Washington, coming from communities around the nation where they were generally dominant to find that as freshmen members of Congress they have no significance or power.

Father Conroy became the House chaplain when then-Speaker John Boehner had the opportunity to appoint one. He specifically wanted a Jesuit in the position, which led to Father Conroy's superior asking him to apply.

The program, at Crow Canyon Country Club, begins at 7 a.m, preceded by Mass at 6:30. It ends at 8:15. All are welcome to attend; please make reservations at Price is $30 per person, but only $20 for members. For more information, please go to

Date & Time

April 10, 2018

6:30AM - 8:15AM