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Instead of knocking it down, John Herrington is repurposing his famous VIC STEWART’S Steakhouse into a five-tenant retail building. Architecture for the new project, designed by William Wood Architects, reflects a nod to the building’s history as a train depot, which was purchased from the City of Walnut Creek in 1971. As part of that deal, the railroad station was relocated from S. Broadway and Mt. Diablo to its current home on S. Broadway at Newell Avenue. There, Devil Mountain Brewing Company occupied the building until 1989, when Vic Stewart’s turned it into a swanky dining destination heralded for steaks, wines, and meals in the original 1901 train cars.

Today as Vic Stewart’s closes its Walnut Creek doors, there are many factors in play—the city’s demographics are changing with an emerging young population who favor fast-casual food over formal white tablecloth meals, and prefer culinary experiences designed for the whole family, including their kids.

Although the building has undergone multiple renovation and restoration efforts, the original depot remains today.Plans include preserving some of the existing building, while adding 1,500-square-feet of new space, ultimately creating five commercial units comprising 7,620-feet of retail space. And the 1901 rail car that served many happy diners? It's moving to Martinez.

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