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Walnut Creek Farmers Market: Sundays Downtown

It’s not just foodies who make shopping at the Walnut Creek Farmers Market a weekly ritual; it’s everyone turned on to the taste, value, and sustainability of regional food. Lucky for us, we’re in the perfect spot to take advantage of local bounty from Northern California makers and growers.


Every Sunday, N. Locust Street comes alive with tents and booths where you can buy tasty local produce, homemade food, artisan crafts, and listen to a bluegrass band or two. Pick up everything from purple poblano peppers and fresh strawberries to cage free eggs and Santa Cruz fresh seafood. Feed your caffeine addiction with beans from small batch roaster Zolo or treat your pet to high quality products from EcoPawz.

Coming up on its 40th anniversary, the Walnut Creek Farmers Market is stocked with small, sustainable farmers and ranchers who believe that healthy food begins with healthy land. Come on down and meet the people who are growing food for our communities—the talented makers and producers of things beautiful and delicious. Sundays, year-round, 9:00am-1:00pm,



Alldrinalmonds: Sliced, dry roasted, and almond butter from 4th generation family almond farm in Oakdale. 

La More: Fresh & colorful Latin cuisine from nachos to tamales to tacos.

Sonoma County Meat Co: Beef, pork, and lamb raised in California. Jerky, bacon, sausage.


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