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Walnut Creek Magazine

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Valerie is a second generation Real Estate Broker having started in the Real Estate industry in 1972 as a 14 year old answering her father's business phones. In 1976 she began her career in the real estate industry in earnest, working in the policy department of a title insurance company. Thirty three years later she had become one of the most respected Commercial Title Officers in the industry. She had handled some of the largest real estate transactions in the State of California including the financing for the KSL resorts, the Bank of America building and Kelly Moore's financial restructuring. By 2007 the title industry had changed, old doors were closing and new doors were opening. Valerie studied for and passed her real estate exam in the spring of 2008, beginning her career as a real estate agent. She quickly acquired her RealtorĀ® designation as her father had years earlier and embarked on her career. The first two years she spent working for one of the largest, most productive REO agents in the East Bay as a buyer's agent. Those years taught her the ins and outs of bank-owned properties and the importance of compassion and understanding in the face of extremely adverse circumstances. She may be the only REO agent to receive hugs from displaced homeowners. She believes that, with respect and dignity, even the most adverse situations can be navigated with positive results. Almost exactly two years from her first day as an agent she made the decision to move her business to Keller Williams in Walnut Creek. Valerie's vast real estate knowledge and dogged pursuit of fair and reasonable solutions make her the perfect fit in an organization whose core values include the precept of Win-Win or no deal. She is constantly recognized for her tenacity, a trait that creates tangible dividends to her clients. Her title insurance background allows her to recognize red flags that might otherwise go unnoticed. She knows that every transaction is potentially the largest transaction of her client's life and brings compassion and understanding to the process.