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Jan 30, 2018 07:36PM ● By Gayle Vassar

Volunteer members of CERT are trained to work together and safely respond to the needs of neighborhoods following a disaster. They also play a vital role serving as the eyes and ears for the city’s Emergency Operations Center.

Throughout Walnut Creek, eight “staging areas” stand ready with equipment and supplies for these dedicated individuals. If disaster strikes, team members assemble at the closest staging area, set up a command post, and establish radio communications with the city’s operations center. From there, CERT search and rescue teams fan out into surrounding streets to assist the injured and to relay vital information back to the Emergency Operations Center.

 While there are hundreds of trained and active members in Walnut Creek, many more volunteers are needed to keep the community safe. CERT classes combine lecture and hands-on training: search and rescue techniques, disaster medical operations, and team organization. To learn more, go to

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