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Once a Knight, Always a Knight

Apr 16, 2018 06:05AM ● By Pam Kessler

It was a historic season. For the first time since Las Lomas High School opened its doors in 1951, a basketball team won the coveted Nor Cal Division One Championship. But for this coach and his basketball team, the season ended on a bittersweet note after their 68-73 defeat to Chino Hills for the State title.

We caught up with Las Lomas Men’s Basketball Coach Brian Dietschy to get the scoop on how he led the team to 32 wins and 4 losses in what he calls “a fairy tale season.”

HOW DID YOU END UP COACHING MEN’S BASKETBALL AT LAS LOMAS? I love basketball, it’s my passion. I started coaching the year I stopped playing in college; I’ve been playing ball since the third grade. It’s been a part of my life for 35 years. I played for Las Lomas in 1988 when we fell one game short of winning NCS, then came back as assistant coach from 2000 to 2012. At that point, it was time to focus on growing my business, Dietschy & Holman Realtors. When the head coach position opened in the spring of 2016, I jumped at the chance to coach this very special group of young men.

TELL ME ABOUT THE TEAM. Our starting team was all seniors, six guys who have been playing basketball together for years—from MVP Flight to WCI to Las Lomas. I knew I had some serious talent coming up and wanted to grab the moment. Some of the players will go on and play in college.  We practiced two hours a day, six days a week. It was a relentless and persistent effort.

WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF ABOUT THE SEASON? The bond we created as a team and as a community. Our season brought a lot of people together and showed how strong our community is…generations came out to cheer us. And the students. “The goon squad” male cheerleaders brought the whole school together. I think we played to our full potential. We had a lot of doubters out there, it’s one thing to talk about it, it’s another thing to make it happen.

WHAT STANDS OUT? The commitment by the players and the parents to make this happen—we practiced Monday-Saturday, even during school breaks and offseason, for one year. Most memorably, everyone put their egos aside to sacrifice for the team and each other. The players developed significant bonds which led to the inner belief that they could not be denied.

ARE YOU COMING BACK? (He laughs.) That’s the question everyone wants answered. I’m weighing out with my wife Jennifer and trying to find balance in my life. I have three kids—Maykena 10, Bryce 8, Brock 4. And a robust real estate business. It’s almost time to get the ball rolling for the next season. Success just builds more success. We set the gold standard that generations will chase in the years to come.



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