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Modern Ranch

Apr 19, 2018 03:03PM ● By Pam Kessler


Vision and passion transformed this Alamo rancher into a haven for family and friends. 

Photography by Josh Isaacs

High school sweethearts Jody and Brent Barry married in 1979, and together they built a successful business and life. Brent’s talent for executing an architect’s designs that incorporates a client’s vision is evident in his Barry Builder’s portfolio of stunning homes and commercial spaces. When the Barry’s bought their ranch house on a quiet Alamo cul-de-sac in 1988, it was an unremarkable 1500-square-foot 3 bedroom, 2 bath in a great location. Their goal was to put Brent’s gift as a builder to work and transform the property over time into a place to raise family and entertain friends.  

Thirty years later, after layers and layers of meticulous remodeling, nearly every aspect of the home has been recreated. Today their sprawling 3750-square-foot modern ranch sits surrounded by plush landscape, sheltering redwood trees, and an open floor plan complete with high ceilings, sliding glass doors, a master suite, and a completely redesigned pool area. To augment the environment, they added floor-to-ceiling glass windows and incorporated natural elements into their redesign—hard wood floors, granite counters, and teak shutters.

“We wanted a real connection with the outdoor natural environment. The open design breathes life into

One of the striking aspects about the house is that it is so comfortable, seamlessly connecting the family room with the open kitchen and wet bar. A true master bedroom suite was a significant part of the interior makeover. A major addition to the house expanded the great room, added a guest bathroom, and a main-level master suite with walk-in closet, large shower, double vanity with marble countertop, and large soaking tub.

From the beginning, the stucco and teak pool cabana was intended to connect the tree-filled landscape to the house. Complete with built-in barbecue, refrigerator, and ceiling heaters, the cabana gives the couple a new space to entertain outdoors. At the center is the sparkling remodeled pool and Jacuzzi (do you capitalize?) equipped with a retractable cover to keep their grandchildren safe, while a nearby fire pit keeps them warm. Brent researched many pool styles over the years before coming up with a design for the backyard. “I built a smaller pool within our existing pool and added a super shallow shelf for our grandkids to play on,” says Brent.

“The house has grown with the family. We are enjoying our finished home - finally. It took a lot of years and hard work, but it was well worth it. This is our retirement home and everything we envisioned. And since the family loves the house so much,” Jody says, “we may build a guest house.”


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