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Press Release from WCPD re Lockdown at Las Lomas High School

We are grateful that all of the students and the staff at Walnut Creek's Las Lomas High School are safe today. Thank you to the brave person (s) who tipped off the school and police that a student brought a loaded handgun to campus today. "When you see something, tell someone!" 

PRESS RELEASE Chief of Police Thomas Chaplin 

On 1/09/19 at approximately 11:13 a.m., the Walnut Creek Police Department received a report of a student on campus with a concealed handgun. The school resource officer, who was on campus, quickly located and safely detained the student. The student’s backpack was searched and a loaded handgun was located inside. As a precautionary measure, the school was placed on lockdown until the police department determined the campus was safe. The student was arrested for being in possession of a loaded firearm and transported to the police department. The student’s name will not be released due to the student’s age. The investigation is still active and no additional information is available at this time.

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