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From its new space, Trinity Center, the nonresidential program that serves the homeless and working poor in Walnut Creek, continues its mission. After six years of tireless perseverance and dedication, the innovative low-income apartment building, St. Paul’s Commons, became Trinity Center’s new home. Located on the ground floor of Walnut Creek’s new 44-unit affordable housing community at 1888 Trinity Avenue returned to the place where it was first founded in 2012.

It’s the story of a successful collaboration between faith groups, civic organizations, community service agencies, and affordable housing leaders resulting in the construction of a unique place that supports and elevates individuals and families out of poverty. Along with providing access to food, Trinity Center members—individuals that commit to abiding by the organizations' rules such as no drug or alcohol use—benefit from legal aid, healthcare, job training workshops, showers, and a place to simply make phone calls. A significant number of the people who seek these crucial services are low wage workers in the retail, restaurant, and service industries.

Sixty-plus days into the COVID-19 crisis, Trinity’s move from temporary quarters in Walnut Creek’s Saranap neighborhood to a new center downtown couldn’t have happened at a better time, as unprecedented numbers of people experiencing food and shelter insecurities in Contra Costa County continue to climb.

In a new partnership, Loaves & Fishes began delivering meals this week to Trinity Center members, expanding its food rescue operations to Walnut Creek. While access to the dining room is presently limited to Trinity members only, when health officials permit access, Loaves & Fishes, along with its team of volunteers, will serve hot nutritious midday meals Monday-Friday to anyone in need.

To make a donation that helps people without homes, go to



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