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Meet the 2020 City Council Candidates

Walnut Creek voters will have their first opportunity to hear from all eight candidates running for City Council when the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce & Visitors Bureau hosts a free virtual forum on from 9:00-11:00 am on September 15.

Incumbents Loella Haskew, Justin Wedel, and Kevin Wilk face five others running for three open council seats: Hailey Ayres, Cindy Darling, Kurtis Reese, Michael Samson, and Lauren Talbert. According to an SF Gate story by Sam Richards, “four of the five challengers are political newcomers, all saying they are motivated, to varying degrees, by the ongoing calls for improved police and mental health responses.”

Other topics expected to be posed by the Chamber’s political action committee, WALPAC, include how to bounce back from the devastating effects of the coronavirus pandemic on both the city's economy, and the arts and cultural scene that defines the city, as well as candidates visions for Walnut Creek’s future. To register for the free virtual forum, go to

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