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Back in 1983, drastic budget cuts, voter decisions, and a recession threatened our public schools. A group of concerned parents and extraordinary volunteers formed the Walnut Creek Education Foundation (WCEF TK-12) to fund vital programs in the arts, sciences, and more.  

More than 35 years later, our students benefit from the $1.3 million raised annually through donations from parents, businesses, and community members. However, the funding gap still exists to support programs not funded by the state, and it grows larger every year as budgets shrink and expenses increase, especially now. 

Tax-deductible donations to WCEF make an immediate impact and help meet the new and existing needs of our schools and 5,100 students while maintaining programs in the arts, science, music, math support, technology, electives, college readiness (Advanced Placement) classes, wellness programs, and more, from TK to graduation. 

As leaders in the real estate industry, WCEF's Real Estate Partners understand that a strong and successful school district attracts families and young professionals to our city. Subsequently, they become a vital force in sustaining a healthy community. In Walnut Creek, we are fortunate to have top-ranked schools, great neighborhoods, and a thriving real estate market.

To learn more about the WCEF Real Estate or Business Partnership program, email [email protected] or call (925) 933-9233. You can also learn more online at

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