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At the Shadelands Business Park, things are happening. Besides the vibrant Orchards Shopping Center and a new senior living community and rehabilitation center, at the heart of the park’s renaissance is the Shadelands Sports Mall—a high-caliber 220,000-square-foot multi-sport facility for athletes of all ages and abilities. 

It’s a sports complex like no other, home to ten sports performance programs, COPA Soccer Training Center (STC), and the Ultimate Fieldhouse, a premier basketball training facility and popular workout destination for two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry. 

It’s also the hub for the NBA’s G League Ignite team who selected Walnut Creek over other cities for player training and development due to the unique technologies available in one central location. With access to the SpeedLab, G League athletes can test everything from their speed and coordination to strength and agility all with the goal of reaching peak performance.”

“These athletes are working hard to prepare their bodies for the physical demands of professional basketball. There’s no better place to do this than at COPA’S SpeedLab which offers them access to state-of-the-art technology that cannot be found anywhere else in the United States,” says Business Manager Joe Delgadillo. “We take an objective data-driven approach to measure an athlete’s performance, assess improvements, and engage the player’s attention to detail. At this level of play, there’s no room for subjectivity when you’re working as hard as possible to be the best.”

This is exciting news for many of the top youth athletes from all sports whose SpeedLab memberships include access to the same engaging environment as potential NBA All-Stars.

By leveraging sports science with technology, COPA trainers advance young athletes' abilities. “We help them develop good habits, improve movement mechanics, and elevate their performance,” says Delgadillo. “Every athlete, of any ability level, can benefit from the training we offer whether it’s learning how to run faster or how to get stronger.”

Book your SpeedLab Speed and Movement Analysis TODA. For 75% OFF use code: WCMAG. COPA Soccer Training Center, 2640 Shadelands Dr, Walnut Creek,


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