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Inside Loco Tequila’s Launch Party

Jul 22, 2022 04:49PM ● By Pam Kessler

High above San Francisco on a summer evening in June, media guests were treated to the ultimate tasting party and dinner curated by Chef Traci Des Jardins. With their design crew in tow, Loco Tequila Maestro Tequilero Alberto Navarro and Managing Partner Juan Pablo Torres-Padilla hosted the event in an exclusive private residence to celebrate the launch of their high-end brand in the United States. 

It was a memorable evening in the most glamourous possible way complete with handcrafted alpaca wraps, custom embroidered napkins, and unlimited sips of Loco’s distinguished bottles: Loco Blanco, Loco Ambar, and Loco Puro Corazon.

From the harvesting of the agaves to the tedious production process, each batch of Loco focuses wildly on the details, sparing no expense in blending a perfect tequila. “We wanted to create something incomparable in our field,” said Navarro. “They called us crazy, but nothing like this has been done in 120 years—Loco is a tribute to our history, craftmanship, and innovative spirit.”


When the team set out ten years ago to create a tequila unlike any in Mexico, they selected the El Arenal region for its Pre-Columbian terroir and legacy for growing blue agave plants. “Where the agave grows impacts how the tequila tastes,” explained Navarro, “whether it is a mountainous rocky area or rich valley region, like El Arenal. The essence of Loco represents the essence of the agaves, not any other added flavors.” Well-balanced, harmonious, and refreshing to drink, Loco celebrates the history, craft, and tradition of tequila made in Mexico. For more information on where to purchase a bottle in the Bay Area, go to

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