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LITA's Oscar Night Recipes: Mojito Lime Shrimp Ceviche with Jardin de Belata cocktails

Mar 09, 2023 04:38PM ● By Pam Kessler

Get ready to add some sizzle to your Oscar night festivities with these recipes from LITA’s Executive Chef Sean Streete. His culinary talent has been wowing diners at the Walnut Creek hot spot with modern Latin and Caribbean cuisine, and now he's sharing customer favorites with you.

First up is the Jardin de Belata cocktail inspired by a vibrant botanical garden in the West Indies. Chef Streete recommends pairing the drink with a zesty Shrimp Ceviche. This classic Latin American dish is bursting with bright, citrusy flavors and tender shrimp.


But the real star is Chef Streete himself. With his impressive pedigree and culinary mastery, it's no wonder he's been making waves in the industry. Before joining LITA, the Jamaican-born chef worked at some of Napa Valley most celebrated restaurants, including Michelin-rated Bouchon and Meadowood. Whether you're a film buff or just looking for an excuse to glam up, add these two Oscar-worthy dishes to your menu for a night to remember.

(1 part = 1 oz.)
1.5 parts Vodka
1.75 parts Sweet Riesling
1 part Guava Nectar
1/4 part Prickly Pear Nectar
Splash of sparkling rosé to finish. Stir, garnish with a slice of lime, and enjoy!

(6 servings)

Mojito Marinade:
1 English cucumber
2 Cups Fresh Lime Juice
4 Mint Leaves
1 Tbsp Granulated Sugar
1 Serrano Pepper
2 bunches Fresh Cilantro 
To taste: Kosher salt

Mojito Lime Shrimp:
1 pound poached shrimp, large dice
1 Cup English Cucumber, large dice
1 Tbsp Mint Leaves, chopped
1 Tbsp Cilantro, chopped
To taste: Kosher Salt

Blend ingredients for the Mojito Marinade together in a blender; reserve. In a large mixing bowl, combine poached shrimp, cucumber, mint, and cilantro, along with the reserved mojito marinade; combine and chill until serving.

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