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Relax & Recover: A Game Changer for Healing at Home


A prominent home stager, Tanya Dari, is no stranger to stories of arduous post-surgery recovery at home, recounted by her real estate clientele. As medical advancements expedite hospital stays, the subsequent home-bound rehabilitation often presents an uphill struggle. Tanya herself confronted this reality post-surgery, quickly recognizing that a couch wasn't going to cut it for recovery.


"I yearned for a lift chair, but given that my recovery was expected to be brief, purchasing one seemed excessive," she recalls. Much to her surprise, the East Bay lacked rental options for such a chair. This revelation prompted Tanya to fill the void with a new venture, Relax & Recover

With a warehouse, delivery fleet, and a crew already in place, Tanya embarked on a quest to find the ideal chairs, attending trade shows, meeting lift-chair companies, and sampling the myriad of options. Finally, she curated a flawless collection, ready to serve people seeking comfort. 

Did you grow up in this area?

“I have fond memories of my days at Golden View Elementary, Charlotte Wood Middle School, and San Ramon Valley High School. I’m deeply connected to the East Bay community and presently live in Walnut Creek with my family.”

You're also President of Welcome Home Staging. How did that journey begin?

“The seed was sown in my childhood. My family owned a furniture store, and I was naturally drawn to design and architecture. The business eventually morphed into a home staging venture. I joined in 2011, and a decade later, I took the reins as President. We've built a strong reputation in the East Bay, working with top local realtors, and offering a vast selection of furniture.”


How does Relax & Recover work? Can anyone rent a lift chair?

“Our goal is to make healing as comfortable as possible. Chairs start at $149 for a two-week rental, plus a delivery and setup fee. You can browse our collection online or call us for personalized assistance. It’s as easy as ordering from DoorDash!”

What about people living in apartments? Will the chairs fit in small spaces?

“The chairs are designed to fit various body sizes and different living spaces. While they are quite substantial, averaging about 400 pounds, we deliver and set them up in two detachable pieces. We can fit them even in a small apartment.”

What are the advantages of renting a Relax & Recover chair for people recuperating from surgery or injury at home?

“Our lift chairs are a game changer! Not only do they help you stand up and sit down with ease, but they also recline to a zero-gravity position, making them perfect as a temporary bed. Some models even have heating and massage functions to promote circulation. Plus, they are aesthetically pleasing, adding a touch of elegance to your home.”

Any other tips?

“Plan your recovery! It's as important as planning the medical procedure itself. A lift chair from Relax & Recover can make your healing process easier and faster, letting you get back to your life sooner. A comfortable recovery is just a call or click away.



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