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Rising Tide of Burglaries Shake Walnut Creek's Downtown

Aug 10, 2023 11:56AM ● By Walnut Creek Magazine Team

A disturbing trend is taking shape in downtown Walnut Creek. The latest target? Tellus Coffee on Main Street, burglarized in a brazen act on Monday, August 7. Janay McCullough, the shop owner, stated that the suspects broke in through the front door around 7:20pm. Thanks to surveillance footage, two individuals possibly connected to the crime were captured on camera.

But Tellus Coffee is far from alone. The Walnut Creek Police Department issued a statement on August 2, announcing the arrest of a 40-year-old San Francisco man in connection with a string of downtown burglaries. Between July 16 to July 24, at least seven businesses—mostly eateries—were hit for cash, computers, and alcohol. One establishment had over $20K worth of goods stolen.

“I genuinely hope WCPD can find better solutions to this rising crime problem,” said McCullough. “Until then, we will not keep cash on the premises and may go cashless long term.”


Other business owners are joining McCullough's call for action. "We need more patrols downtown. We need WCPD to step it up and become more proactive," urged restaurateur Rolla Ghaben. "Our community is obviously a target, and we need to be on high alert. We need the PD's help with the process."

Police say the recent incidents are part of a disturbing trend the department is working tirelessly to combat. “The downtown business burglaries are the focus of our meetings and conversations. We're looking at it from all perspectives,"  said Lieutenant Holley Connors, explaining the department's stance.  

"While we have one suspect in custody, it appears there are others. We have many resources working to resolve this problem.”

Connors said efforts include, "ongoing communication with business owners, directed patrols, and the Investigations Bureau working to identify suspects. A five-person downtown patrol team is focused on preventing crime with their high visibility."

Unlike snatch-and-grab misdemeanors,“If you burglarize a business, it’s a felony, no matter what you take,” explained Connors.

If you have information regarding these burglaries, contact Lt. Connors at [email protected], or the WCPD Anonymous Tip Line at (925) 943-5865. 

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