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Seasonal Recipe: Tomato Bread Salad

Sep 09, 2023 12:43PM ● By Staci DeShasier, Walnut Creek Farmers Market

This end of summer salad is popping with flavor, coming together in minutes with only ten ingredients. It’s similiar to a classic Tuscan Panzanella starring tomatoes and bread.

1 baguette, cut into thick slices
1 basket of plump cherry tomatoes (mixed variety)
Handful of basil leaves, cut into ribbons
½ medium red onion
1 tsp freshly minced garlic
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Course sea salt
Freshly ground black pepper

Use a basting brush to coat baguette slices with extra virgin olive oil. Heat on grill (or oven) until slightly charred (browned), flip to toast both sides, set aside to cool. Wash and cut cherry tomatoes in half. Place in a large bowl with chopped red onion, fresh garlic, and basil. Cut bread into bite size cubes, then add to bowl. Drizzle salad with olive oil, add coarse salt and pepper to taste.  Enjoy with grilled meat or fish for a complete meal.
(Pictured here: Tomatoes grown from plants provided by The Home Kitchen Gardener in Orinda; Red onion, basil, and garlic from Royal Greens Farm; Baguette by East Bay Bakery)
Created by Staci DeShausier, Executive Director
Contra Costa Certified Farmers Markets (CCCFM)
Since 2009, Staci DeShausier has served as the driving force behind CCCFM's thriving locations in Orinda and Walnut Creek. As Executive Director, Staci is committed to sourcing from local producers, ensuring her communities have easy access to fresh, high-quality food. Under her watch, the markets have become more than a place to grab groceries; they've evolved into cultural hubs where diverse culinary traditions are celebrated and shared. 

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