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On Broadway Gala in Photographs

Oct 17, 2023 08:52AM ● By Walnut Creek Magazine Team

In Walnut Creek's culture world, the On Broadway Gala 2023 made its mark. Raising an impressive $680K, the annual event supports the professional art companies housed at the Lesher Center for the Arts, along with innovative outreach and educational programs across the East Bay.

Taking center stage for the evening's entertainment were the multi-talented actor and singer Rotimi Agbabiaka, the captivating Anilee List, and Bob Athayde and friends.  A considerable crowd of art enthusiasts gathered in Rudney Plaza at Walnut Creek’s Lesher Center for craft cocktails, delectable bites, Wente wines, and the night’s coveted live auction.  

Peggy White, the Executive Director of Diablo Regional Arts Association, shed light on the impact of the funds raised, highlighting the promise of "excellence, innovation, diversity, and access" to top-tier performances and exhibits.

As the fundraising arm of the Lesher Center, the Diablo Regional Arts Association’s mission remains clear: to bring world-class performances to the East Bay and ignite a passion for the arts in the next generation. Bravo! 

Photography by Ben Krantz

Event Co-Chairs Bob Powers and Brian Hirahara


Eric Rudney and Laura Rudney


Executive Director DRAA Peggy White


Spalding Rooker and Murray Sandford


Dan Buckshi, Kristen Buckshi, Jill Wilk, Kevin Wilk


Gabriella Seeno and Sophia Seeno


Angie Coffee, Michael White, Peggy White, Pete Coffee, Loella Haskew Ralph Haskew, Jamie Broadhurst Kevin Sanchez, Elaine Taylor, Rosario and Chris Toler


Catharine Baker and Dan Baker


Donna Labriola, Bob Linscheid, Tracy Dietlein


Loella Haskew and Ralph Haskew


Susie Hanson


Chad Silver and Andrea Silver


Anthony Jackson, Elizabeth Orcutt, Carolyn Jackson, Matt M. Morrow

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