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Walnut Creek's Holiday Artisan Market

As we head into the holiday season, you’ll find local artisans at the Walnut Creek Farmers Market selling everything from honey and vegan candles to art and floral arrangements. Take home your artisan goods in a handcrafted basket tote and stock up on the bounty of fall veggies, fruits, and nuts for your holiday feast.


Celebrating 40 years in Walnut Creek, the Sunday downtown farmers market is the place for fresh raviolis, glistening strawberries, cage free eggs, organic wines, baked goods, and delicious jams. Lunch with Pupusas Buen Provecho, Papa’s Dumpling, and Toshi’s Grill, or grab a roasted chicken from Roadside Rotisserie.


This fun weekly event combines farm fresh food with live music and community year-round, Sundays on N. Locust Street, 9am-1pm (Saturdays in Orinda.)


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