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Cannabis-Infused Beverages at Velvet


As weed becomes more mainstream, THC-infused beverages are emerging as a popular way to comfortably consume and experience the buzz and benefits of THC.  At Velvet Cannabis, California’s leading dispensary, you’ll find a wide range of flavors, formats, and potencies, offering a targeted and properly dosed experience for newbies and experienced stoners alike.


The THC beverage market has rapidly expanded far beyond cannabis-infused beer and wine. Now you'll find carefully dosed drinks ranging from sparkling waters to energy drinks and more. These include popular recreational drinks like: 

Fizzy THC Seltzers – Light, fruity flavors with refreshing carbonation

Traditional Sodas – Sweet, nostalgic flavors like Root Beer and Orange Cream

Teas & Punches – Non-carbonated drinks with natural and flavored tea formulations

Energy Shots & Elixirs – High in THC and often including added stimulants, these can be consumed directly or mixed into your favorite beverage.

Liquid THC emulsions (or powdered THC mixtures) allow brands to infuse beverages without the cannabis taste. Many beverages also include minor cannabinoids like CBD and CBN for wellness, sleep, or energy.


Start slow – Try half of the recommended serving size until you know your tolerance.

Wait – Be patient for effects to kick in over 30-60 minutes.

Stay hydrated – Sip water to avoid dry mouth or dizziness.

Avoid over-drinking – The tasty flavors can be tempting, but THC takes time to impact you.

Add flavor – Enhance the taste of your drink with fruits, herbs or mixers.

With so many novel products to try, find the right THC drink for your tastes and desired vibes.

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